Occupational Health and Safety Education Opportunity

Do you know someone interested in a safety career, but they don’t know where to start?  Columbus State Community College has a 7-course certificate in Occupational Health and Safety that is designed to provide basic supervisory and regulatory skills to those who wish to have a job in this field.

The courses are:

  • ESSH-1101 – Intro to Environmental Science, Safety & Health, or College-level chemistry (chemistry is a prerequisite for Industrial Hygiene)
  • ESSH-1700 – OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Safety & Health
  • ESSH-2111 – Hazardous Materials Management
  • CMGT-1135 – Safety & Loss Prevention
  • ESSH-1650 – OSHA 30 Hour Construction Safety & Health
  • ESSH-2520 – Health & Safety Training for Hazardous Waste Operations (40 Hour HAZWOPER)
  • ESSH-2750 – Industrial Hygiene

Students may qualify for tuition reimbursement or financial aid.  This certificate is primarily for those who already have a college degree but are seeking additional training.  Please contact Jeff Bates at jbates@cscc.edu for more information on how to get started.

All courses in the certificate can be applied to the Associate of Applied Science degree in Environmental Science, Safety & Health. Also, we’ve had good luck with our AAS in ESSH degree being approved for those who want the ASP or CSP designation.

Beneficial webinars

Berkeley Center for Occupational and Environmental Health



05/24/2023: Supporting Healthy Work: Law & Regulation


About the webinar:

This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the legal landscape that supports a healthy workplace. Learners will explore how current laws promote and protect employee well-being in the workplace, and identify gaps where additional regulations may be needed. Learners will also discuss practical steps employers can take to promote a healthy workplace, including policies and programs that support total worker health.

At the completion of this activity, the learner will be able to:

    Identify how current laws assist in promoting healthy workplaces

    Recognize gaps in the law and where additional regulation may be needed

    Discuss practical steps employers can take to promote healthy workplaces

A super interesting upcoming webinar is Sampling Methods For Personal Exposure to Herbicides


Many herbicides can exist in the atmosphere as both a droplet and evaporated vapor. Therefore, methods to assess personal exposures to herbicides samplers must be developed to optimize capture of both droplet and vapor phases. This webinar will describe the qualities of two such samplers. Measurements taken in both the lab and field will be presented to demonstrate sampler qualities and to detail the considerations needed to properly assess herbicide exposures.

* Certificates of Completion will be available for webinar participants who are present for the complete, live webinar and also complete and submit a post-webinar evaluation within 7 days of the webinar.  A link to the evaluation will be emailed to qualified attendees 24 hours after the webinar. Qualified learners who complete the evaluation will receive a Certificate of Completion via email upon completing the evaluation.  Additionally, participants can print/save the certificate from their browser after submitting their evaluation.