February Central OH ASSP Chapter Meeting

  • February 17, 2023
    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

This meeting will be ALL virtual!

Friday, February 17, 2023

12p—1p Lunch & Learn with Lori

Our presenter will be Lori Frederic, CSCS, CMT, founder of Balance Biomechanics; she will discuss Proper Care of the Body for Work.

Speaker Bio:

Lori Frederic, aka The Movement Ninja, focuses on empowering physical workers to protect themselves from injury and pain. As a strength & conditioning specialist and sports massage therapist, Lori raises the importance of work prep, task awareness and recovery in high hazard industries. Founder of Balance Biomechanics, this safety professional is determined to inspire the “old and stubborn” along with the “young and bulletproof” to be personally responsible for their health and wellbeing. Lori has a strong passion for teaching, maintaining expertise in manual therapies and human movement. She speaks and trains on both a regional and national level. When not working, she is spending time with her husband, 3 kids and 3 rescue dogs.

Event Topic(s):

Proper Care & Feeding of the Lower Back:

The spine is meant to bend and twist. It’s not meant to lift and twist without conditioning or with crappy posture. Material handling, imbalanced tool belts, and heavy, awkward lifting is commonplace for many blue collar industries. Unfortunately, so are low back strains. Providing back safety education that includes movement based injury prevention will lower the risk of injury, and in the case of an injury, decrease the time it takes to get back to usual work.

  • Employ a repeatable movement exercise to decrease risk of low back injury
  • Be able to develop a simple plan for early reporting
  • Recognize that most low back pain is not emergent

Stretching is NOT Work Prep or How to Upgrade Your Stretch & Flex Program:

Static stretching (holding) is great for gaining flexibility but it is minimally effective in reducing soft tissue injuries, especially in blue collar industries. As with athletics, dynamic movement (AKA, mobility) creates circulation to warm-up the body. A proper work prep program should include a warm up, bring awareness to optimal postures and use movements to mimic the work tasks. When the body is better prepared, it will perform better with a reduced chance of injury.

Stop Using Ice – Turning the Titanic:

7 years ago, Dr. Gabe Mirkin, the physician who coined the term RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation), came out and said that there is no science to support that ice and rest are beneficial to healing. It appears that both Ice and complete Rest may delay healing, instead of helping injuries and sore muscles. How to we turn this huge ship in occupational first aid treatment? Education and repetition. Healing requires inflammation and the constriction of tissues that ice brings with it hinders the natural process. With non-emergent cases, there is an opportunity to pass on this education and gain your own anecdotal evidence.


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